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Take a heaping scoop of Dave Barry, add a dash of Jerry Seinfeld and a pinch of Rick Steves, and Voila!

“Most everyone knows someone who can tell a story just a little bit better than anyone else. Tom Gose is clearly one of those people…”

Books that truly make you lol over and over again are hard to come by. My boyfriend frequently asked me while I was reading what was so funny. So I happily read several passages aloud so he could share in the fun. Tom's take on travel was refreshing. He points out the lighter side of uncomfortable situations many travelers encounter. He also openly shares how traveling can help heel the heart and encourage you to see the world a little differently. This book will inspire you to push outside of your comfort zone, work out more, eat more pizza, remember your best childhood memories, and get you ready for adventure. I can't wait to read what Tom writes next!

Lauren Kenney